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Do you get tired of burning your oil burner dry so there is no water or oil left and sometimes just a cracked dish? Do you like the mess of oil and water? Would you prefer an easy quick way to make your room smell good and get rid of cooking or tobacco smells?

Simmering Granules are safe, clean and simple to use. No water is required in the well of the burner, just a couple of teaspoons of simmering granules, which will gradually release their scent over several hours. When the fragrance has evaporated, the granules residue can be easily disposed of. Simmering Granules are a natural salt based product with added fragrance for use in burners/diffusers. They are not harmful to the environment and when you dispose of them they will make your bin smell nice and biodegrade.

In comparison with wax melts/tarts or oils the granules are cleaner, safer and more enviromentally friendly.

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