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Kelham Aromas

Gift & Music Set Angels

Gift & Music Set Angels

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The angelic realm is represented here.  Angel Wings is a heavenly, perfumed scent with real depth.  Dreams of Angels is a rich, sweet, luscious fragrance, bursting with fruitiness, vanilla and deep tones of precious wood.  Guardian Angel is a sweet, luxurious scent embodying femininity, peace and harmony.

Product Description

  • Natural hessian bag
  • Simmering granules 2x150ml
  • Room spray 100ml
  • CD of mood music

How to Use Product

  • Place approx two teaspoons in well of burner, do not add water
  • Light tealight beneath to gradually release the scent
  • The product does not evaporate or get hot and is safe, clean and easy to use
  • When the granules have lost their fragrance dispose of and replace
  • Spray into the air in open spaces around your room
  • Do not direct spray towards wallpaper, soft furnishings or polished surfaces
  • Repeat as often as desired to refresh scent
  • Put on your CD and allow it transport you to heavenly realms
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