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Kelham Aromas

Black Magic Fragrance Oil

Black Magic Fragrance Oil

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Hedonistic and decadent, this scent opens with the piquant spice of Pepper mixed with invigorating Lemon. At it's heart, this masculine scent evokes the notion of "forever guilty" but combined with Orange Blossom, a scent traditionally used in female fragrances and known throughout history as a symbol of romance and innocence.  White floral with honey tones enriches this  scent's other heart notes - Neroli and Lavender - the very flower the original playboy Casanova used to fragrance his love letters.  Completing this modern expression of sensuality, mystery and intrigue are Patchouli which develops with hints of leather, woodiness and incense-like qualities and the dry down is intensified with the masculine richness of Cedarwood. 

Product Description

  • 10ml bottle
  • Fragrance oil diluted for burning

How to Use Product

  • Place as much water in well of burner as possible
  • Add a few drops of oil
  • Light tealight beneath to gradually release the scent
  • Keep water topped up - do not allow to burn dry
  • When the most of the product has evaporated replace as above
  • Can be added to water in an electric diffuser
  • Suitable to refresh the scent of pot-pourri or dried flowers
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