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Kelham Aromas

Breathe Eze Body Butter

Breathe Eze Body Butter

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Blend comprises

  • Eucalyptus - has medically well researched benefits to respiratory health.  Helps to kill airborne germs and thins excess mucus, making it easier to cough up
  • Frankincense - relaxes bronchial muscles, helping to suppress wheezing, coughing fits and excess phlegm
  • Peppermint - reduces congestion and clears the airways due to its high menthol content.  Helps with seasonal allergies by unclogging sinuses and clearing pollen from nasal passages
  • Pine - anti-bacterial, cleansing to the atmosphere.  An expectorant good for clearing the head and sinuses

    Product Description 

    • 100ml jar
    • A combination of essential oils in soothing butter ready for application to the skin
    • Blended to enhance your general state of well-being

    How to Use Product

    • Gently massage into temples and/or chosen area of the body
    • Apply as frequently as required
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