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Kelham Aromas

Foot Care Massage Oil

Foot Care Massage Oil

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Blend comprises 

  • Cypresshas a delightful scent and is often used as a natural, anti-bacterial deodorizer, working to eliminate foot odour
  • Lavender - helps to calm irritation and itching, inflammation and redness of the skin.  Also combats foot odour
  • Peppermint - soothes and relaxes the feet, reduces foot pain and helps to decrease overall stress
  • Tea Tree - this oil has been shown to have incredible anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it effective for foot odour as well as for athlete's foot

Product Description 

  • 50ml bottle
  • A combination of essential oils diluted in Sweet Almond carrier oil ready for application to the skin
  • Blended to enhance your general state of well-being

How to Use Product

  • Massage into feet, concentrating on soles.  The pores on the bottom of the feet are particularly absorbent and can quickly pull essential oils into the bloodstream.  There are no hair follicles to slow down the application or absorption of the oil.

    Sebum is an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands all over the skin.  It functions as a protective shield which weakens the skin€™s ability to absorb foreign materials.  There are no sebaceous glands in the soles of the feet, therefore there is no such barrier between the essential oils and your pores.

  • Add a few drops to a foot spa or bowl of warm water to soak feet
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