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Kelham Aromas

Orange Fragrance Oil

Orange Fragrance Oil

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Orange doesn't grow in the wild, so its origins are something of a mystery.  The sweet orange was unknown until the 15th century when it was introduced to the Mediterranean by Portuguese and Italian traders, quickly becoming a fruity symbol of opulence and luxury.

Product Description

  • 10ml bottle
  • Fragrance oil diluted for burning

How to Use Product

  • Place as much water in well of burner as possible
  • Add a few drops of oil
  • Light tealight beneath to gradually release the scent
  • Keep water topped up - do not allow to burn dry
  • When the most of the product has evaporated replace as above
  • Can be added to water in an electric diffuser
  • Suitable to refresh the scent of pot-pourri or dried flowers
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