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Patchouli Simmering Granules

Patchouli Simmering Granules

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This ancient scent is native to tropical Asia.  A rich, earthy, woody fragrance strongly associated with the sixties hippy scene when it was widely used as a perfume.  Top notes of Cinnamon Leaves, middle notes of Cloves & Patchouli and base notes of White Musk Cedarwood &  Vanilla.

Product Description

  • 180g packet
  • Natural salt based product for use in a burner
  • Product is double bagged to ensure sealed fragrance & reduce spillage

How to Use Product

  • Place approx two teaspoons in well of burner, do not add water
  • Light tealight beneath to gradually release the scent
  • The product does not evaporate or get hot and is safe, clean and easy to use
  • When the granules have lost their fragrance dispose of and replace
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