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Warming Joints Body Lotion

Warming Joints Body Lotion

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Blend comprises 

  • Ginger - has been used topically in traditional medicine to ease pain and reduce inflammation.  Its analgesic nature reduces feelings of pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, sore muscles, headaches, and migraine.  Massaging with warming ginger promotes circulation and inhaling the aroma aids relaxation
  • Lavender - contains phytonutrients that are very effective in easing spasms and muscle cramps.  This oil can provide relief from discomfort and joints pain caused by a wide variety of conditions
  • Orange - inflammation is a natural process which the body uses to enhance the healing process.  However, when it becomes chronic, it can trigger a variety of other ailments.  This oil may help to reduce the occurrence of these due to its anti-inflammatory compounds which reduce excessive swelling and tenderness
  • Rosemary rosmarinic acid is an active ingredient found in this oil which has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects.  It helps to reduce fluid build-up in joints

    Product Description 

    • 250ml bottle
    • A combination of essential oils in silky smooth lotion
    • Blended to enhance your general state of well-being

    How to Use Product

    • Massage liberally into skin until absorbed
    • Concentrate on areas of discomfort or tenderness
    • Ideal for use after our matching shower gel
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