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Yoga Incense Sticks

Yoga Incense Sticks

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A complex, Japanese-inspired musky scent with undertones of woody incense and fruits, designed to enhance the incredible mind-body experience of yoga.  Top notes of Tuscan Cedar, Apple &Grapes, middle notes of Jasmine, White Rose, Bamboo & Olive and dry down notes of Cedarwood, Amber & Musk.

Incense is traditionally used for religious worship, aromatherapy, meditation and ceremony.  It is associated with spiritual calm, yoga and other mystic rituals.  It can also be used simply as a pleasant aroma to fragrance a room.

Product Description

  • 25 sticks in cardboard packet
  • 20cm natural wooden stick coated with polar wood powder
  • Burn time approx 30 minutes
  • Hand-dipped and packaged in the UK

How to Use Product

  • Place incense stick in incense holder
  • Light tip of incense stick
  • Once ignited gently extinguish the flame
  • The incense will glow and begin to produce scented smoke
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